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 Seventeen Magazine

Oversaw launch and growth of Seventeen on TikTok to one of the hottest Gen Z brands on the platform. 


Seventeen’s newest cover star & queen of TikTok @avani is here to brighten your day with a few positive affirmations ☀️💫🥺 #avani #positivevibes

♬ LA LA LAND (Part 1) – Official Sound Studio

Innovative Digital Coves and Issues

Oversaw launch of Seventeen YouTube, a Gen Z entertainment hub offering original program, including the hit series Bestie Picks Bae. 

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Oversaw launch and explosive growth of Seventeen on Snapchat Discover, where Seventeen produces daily editions as well as two original shows. 

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Oversaw Relaunch of

**Adweek’s Hottest Magazine On Social Media **

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** First magazine on Snapchat **Snapchat-flashy-features




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The Knot

Translating Print Content To Web (And Vice Versa)


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